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'Daypack Hikes' - a different approach to Long Distance Paths

Have you ever yearned for a walking holiday along one of Britain’s many Long Distance Paths and National Trails but found yourself put off by the thought of packing damp clothes into a heavy rucksack every morning, walking alone, prebooking numerous guesthouses, or being unsure whether the route would be easy to follow?

If so, we have the solution! Join one of our guided 'Daypack Hikes'.

For over three decades, we have been operating guided walking holidays along many Long Distance Paths and National Trails. What distinguishes our walking holidays is that we have eliminated the need for daily packing and moving on.

Daypack Hikes are guided walking holidays based at one suitable location on, or adjacent to, the walking route.

Footpath Holidays provides transport from a prearranged meeting point to the start of each day’s stage and transport back to that same point at the end of each walking stage. We also provide an experienced walk leader. If you join one of our Daypack Hikes you are free to book accommodation to suit your own taste and pocket. More on what is included in the price of our Daypack Hikes.




The ‘Daypack Hike’ System

The advantages of our 'Daypack Hike' system lie in the fact that guests can have more freedom and flexibility over the lodgings which they choose, whether it be self-catering, hotel, caravan, bed & breakfast, Youth Hostel or tent, and that they are able to complete a long linear walk whilst based in one place unencumbered by transport difficulties or the complication of booking several nights accommodation in different locations. In practice we have found that people are happier to settle in one place without the disruption of moving on each day.

  • Choose the accommodation that suits your taste and budget.
  • Equally suitable for campers, caravanners, youth hostellers, self caterers as well as those who prefer serviced accommodation.
  • Avoid the inconvenience of packing each morning.
  • Concentrate on the walk and let us worry about the logistics! 
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