Three Choirs Way

Total distance covered; 102 miles (164kms)
8 days walking based in Great Malvern

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Great Malvern, our base for the Three Choirs Way, is a handsome spa town which sits just to the west of the River Severn. The distinctive ridge of the Malvern Hills, designated as an AONB (Area of Outstanding Beauty), rises immediately outside the town.

Great Malvern originally grew up around the 11th century priory. Some of the original priory remains are now incorporated into the present day priory which rises above the western side of the town, whilst the elaborate abbey gateway houses the town museum. Although the town was known for its mineral springs from the medieval period it was not until the Georgian period that the town began to attract significant numbers of wealthy visitors keen to 'take the waters'. During Victorian times the enthusiasm for 'the water cure', and the arrival of the railway in 1859, brought a further influx, and theatres and other buildings devoted to genteel leisure pastimes sprang up. By 1865 there were ninety five hotels in the town, and over a quarter of the town's houses were boarding houses. During the early 20th century the demand for water therapies tailed off and most of the establishments reverted to private houses, with some becoming rest homes or exclusive boarding schools. Nowadays the Malvern Hills attract plenty of walkers, and there are still plenty of places to stay.  


iStock-173943006Malvern Priory


Great Malvern still offers all the services you would expect from a thriving tourist town, including a range of inns, restaurants and takeaways serving food in the evenings. It has plenty of shops where one can purchase the makings of a packed lunch.

The daily meeting point in Great Malvern is the archway outside the Malvern Museum on Wells Road.

Accommodation; There is still a wide variety of accommodation in Great Malvern including hotels, inns guesthouses, and self-catering properties. Details can be found on the following websites: 

Alternatively, an accommodation guide can be obtained from the Tourist Information Centre in Great Malvern, whose contact details are as follows:

Malvern Tourist Information Centre, The Lyttelton Well Courtyard, 6 Church St, Malvern WR14 2AY

Telephone: 01684 892289


How to reach Great Malvern by public transport. There is a railway station in Great Malvern.

General information on Three Choirs Way and the Malvern Hills, can be found on the following websites:


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Holiday Options 2020

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Date:Sep 13 - Sep 20, 2020
Grade:2 - 3
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Daily itinerary

Day 1: Gloucester to Kilcot 12 mls (19kms)
Day 2: Kilcot to Mordiford 13 mls (21kms)
Day 3: Mordiford to Withington 12 mls (19kms)
Day 4: Withington to Wolferwood Common 13 mls (21kms)
Day 5: Wofferwood Common to Elgar's Birthplace Museum 15 mls (24kms)
Day 6: Elgar's Birthplace Museum to Great Malvern 12 mls (19kms)
Day 7: Great Malvern to Staunton 13 mls (21kms)
Day 8: Staunton to Gloucester 12 mls (19kms)



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