Hadrian's High Way

Total distance covered; 112 miles (179kms)
9 days walking (10 days in total), based in Ambleside and Hexham

visit our tour base - Ambleside

visit our tour base - Hexham

Hadrian's High Way is a superb 102 mile (163km) route which runs from the Irish Sea coast of Cumbria to Vindolanda in Northumberland. Hadrian's High Way was devised by outdoor writer Mark Richards, and largely follows the route which, historically, would have been taken by troops, couriers and baggage trains travelling from the Roman port and supply depot at Ravenglass to the garrisons stationed along Hadrian's Wall. It takes in some of northern England's most magnificent scenery as it traverses the Lake District National Park, The North Pennines AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and the Northumberland National Park. History is in evidence throughout the walk, with regular staging posts in the form of ruined Roman forts, culminating in of the treasures of Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site.

You can read more about the route and its background on the route's official website.


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Highlights of the holiday will include the remarkably intact walls of the Ravenglass (Glannoventa) Roman bathhouse, the views back to the coast from Muncaster Fell (first big climb of the walk), the expansive Lakeland views from Hardknott Pass, Wrynose Pass, High Street and High Raise, Slater Bridge in its idyllic stetting in Little Langdale, The Cockpit stone circle in its wild moorland setting, the view across a green sward of sheep pasture (beneath which lies Brocavum Roman fort) to the ruins of Brougham Castle, the medieval strip lynchets - 'Hanging Walls of Mark Anthony - below Kirkland Fell, the vibrant purple of heather on the Pennine moors, the descent into the beautiful valley of the River South Tyne, and the sight of Hadrian’s Wall marching along the Whin Sill taking in its stride a succession of craggy outcrops and undulating hills, each of which affords outstanding views across the surrounding countryside.  


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Because of the lie of the land the walk will be split between two bases; Ambleside and Hexham. There will be a full day available to transfer between the two towns and for the convenience of guests without their own means of conveyance, who would prefer not to use public transport, there will be a minibus transfer available at a cost of £25 per passenger.


visit our tour base - Ambleside

visit our tour base - Hexham


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Date:Sep 2 - Sep 11, 2018
Grade:3 - 4
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Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Ravenglass to Eskdale 12 mls (19kms)
Day 2: Eskdale to Skelwith Bridge 12 mls (19kms)
Day 3: Skelwith Bridge to Townhead 8 mls (13kms)
Day 4: Townhead to Askham 16 mls (25kms)
Day 5: Askham to Kirkby Thore 14 mls (23kms)
Day 6: Relocate to Hexham
Day 7: Kirkby Thore to Garragill 16 mls (25kms)
Day 8: Garragill to Lambley 14 mls (23kms)
Day 9: Lambley to Carvoran 8 mls (13kms)
Day 10: Carvoran to Vindolanda 12 mls (19kms)



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