A statement on the Covid-19 Coronavirus

Updated, 27th March 2020

Dear Customer / Visitor

We want to let you know our response to the current health situation and resultant lock down.

Our office is in our home, so in terms of contact it is ‘business as usual’. We can be reached by telephone or by E.Mail, however E.Mail is preferable, particularly if your question relates to an existing holiday where we are likely to have to pull up the details prior to giving an answer.

As you will appreciate we are busy with the soul-destroying task of dismantling holidays which our guests have been looking forward to with eager anticipation for weeks and months.

Not only do we sympathise with our guests, all of whom are bitterly disappointed, but we also feel for the many guesthouses, inns, hotels and transport providers with whom we are cancelling or postponing arrangements, not to mention our valued team of walk leaders.

We are constantly monitoring the fast-moving situation and will update the general information here as and when there are any changes to report.

We hope that everyone will stay safe and healthy through this difficult period. Our website remains online and we will be very happy to hear from you regarding your future travel wish-list.

Will I still be able to take my holiday?

Following the measures put in place by the United Kingdom government on Monday 23 March 2020, restricting non-essential travel and social contact within the United Kingdom, as well as the closure of accommodation providers, pubs, inns, tearooms and heritage sites, we have had no option but to cancel all holidays scheduled to commence in the period up until the 31st May. We are already in touch with all of our guests who have holidays due to arrive during this period to discuss the options available to them regarding deferment or cancellation.

We regret that Footpath Holidays cannot be held responsible for any expenses or losses resulting from any deferment or cancellation caused by an event which could not, even with all due care, be foreseen or avoided.

At this stage, for holidays commencing beyond the end of May it is being assumed that they will be able to proceed, however we will be reviewing the situation on a rolling basis and contacting guests as necessary. Of course, you are welcome to pre-empt the situation and contact us, if you wish.

Although normal cancellation terms will continue to apply, we will be happy to offer the option to defer your holiday to a specified or (as yet) unspecified date, up to the end of 2021.

All payments made to date on your current holiday booking will be credited to your future holiday, and will still be protected by our International Passenger Protection cover, full details of which was sent to you as part of your original booking confirmation.

Dates for all deferred holidays will be subject to availability of accommodation.

Will I be able to claim on my travel insurance?

At the time of booking Footpath Holidays always advises guests (from both within the United Kingdom and overseas) to take out comprehensive travel insurance which includes the recovery of lost costs in the event of any cancellation.

If you prefer to cancel your holiday, rather than defer, we suggest that you check with your insurer to ascertain whether your policy covers any loss due to a cancellation as a result of Coronavirus.

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